Friday, October 10, 2008


Ok, I generally try to keep my obscenities to a minimum, because I'm not fond of reading posts that are just profanity and nothing else, and I think it takes away from the writers credibility... However, this has me furious:

I have long known PETA people were dumb@#$*@. Insane, dangerous, idiotic people. Scary scary people. But this is just sick. Isn't it enough to scare little kids by telling them their mommy is a murderer for cooking meat and that daddy will kill their pets because he fishes (more details here)?Or letting loose animals, only for those animals to be hit by cars or die of starvation?Blow up labs and kill the animals inside? "rescue" dogs and cats from shelters, euthanize them, and dump their bodies in dumpsters?

I'm sorry, but this is just.. @#$%#! up. There is no other way to say it. And you know, there are enough theories running back and forth amongst the Autism community. We've got the anti-vaccine wolves, the chelation folks, the DAN! people, the therapeutic foot baths, the ABA, the TEACCH...etc. Some of those have some merit, some do not. But saying that drinking milk causes Autism? Ummm, that takes the cake. I drank a lot of milk as a kid. Still love me some chocolate milk. Most of us have had tons of milk in our lives. If anything, milk intake has decreased over the years, what with all the new crap. Unhealthy drinks (yum) like soda, yoohoo, Koolaid... I don't know a lot of kids nowadays who like milk much. So, if that is the case, woulodn't Autism have been that much more prevalent years ago when EVERYONE had milk all the time? And not now, when we as Americans have gone on to new and unhealthier stuff?

PETA is sick. The fact that they have the balls to mock our children this way disgusts me and if possible, my opinion of them has lowered even more.

Edited to add: Now that my fury has cooled, I did go back and censor my obscenities. I really try hard to keep this blog PG13.


Jo said...

PETA is a hateful group. They let go thousands of mink from a mink farm here, they got most of them back, but a good number of them were hit by cars, drowned, etc. Yeah, that is really natural. Grrr. I hear your frustrations!

Kelley said...

I won't say what I really want to say, but I am not impressed.


colorisnteverything said...

PETA is full of ignorant, hateful people. I read their pamphlet about milk a couple of months ago and showed it to my mother. She and I had two glasses of milk in a row after dinner because of it.

Now, I know dairy free diets can be very helpful in controlling the digestive complications that come with autism. Our friends have their son on one, but everyone else still eats dairy and drinks dairy!

You need natural calcium. I get 2x's the amount I need in a day. My sister would NOT do dairy as a child, still barely will. She had a fracture in her hip this year and as a 17 year old, that is NOT normal.

Sure, she doesn't have autism, but she may get osteoporosis without medical intervention. I drank TONS of milk as a child and nope... no autism! This is absurd!

And squish, I love me some chocolate milk, too haha!