Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I give up...

Ok, biomed mommies. I'm putting away my skepticism for the moment, and asking for info. Jaymes is a holy terror at home. He's great at school, better at therapy. I'm tired. At this point, I sit here on the couch watching him scream and beat himself on the floor and just have no desire to do a damned thing.

Give me a biomed plan that I can afford to do. That is a "starter" thing, of sorts. I've got some ideas- eliminate the red dye/msg... What else? Let's keep it under $50 a month. No fancy vitamins, he takes a multivitamin, and it's hell to get nasty tasting crud into him.

Give me a food plan. He eats the following:

  • Crackers
  • Pretzels
  • Breaded chicken nuggets
  • fries
  • Baby food peas
  • Fruit snacks
  • Pizza
And very little else.

So yes, I'm swallowing my pride here and asking for info.


Casdok said...

Afraid i cant help as my son dosnt eat much either.
But i do know our kids are usualy better for other people than us!

luvmycrazyboy said...

I don't know much about the bio med stuff, so I looked it up, and I agree with alot of the stuff that was said. However, I didn't find any information about what to do. I did find some blood test that they can use. Maybe you can get his ped. to order them?

Red Blood Cell fatty acid profile test
Urinary amino acids Analysis
Urinary Organic Acids test
93 food IgG mediated sensitivities (including Gluten, Wheat and dairy)
Extended faecal microbiology examination from Bioscreen Medical
Intestinal Permeability test
Salivary lgA
Functional liver detoxification profile
Serum Homocysteine
Urinary Kryptopyrolles
Blood test for Zinc, Cu, Folic Acid, B12, B6 and Magnesium
Hair Mineral analysis to screen for nutritional and heavy metals
Erythrocyte Glutathione Peroxidase Activity
RAST test for IgE and IgA mediated Food Allergies
Celiac serology
Streptococcus serology for autoimmune antibodies to Strep. bacteria
Genetic Tests e.g. Fragile X.

I know you have had some done already like the genetics test for Fragile X, Brandon has the Urinary Kryptopyrolles test done for pyroluria and I had to pay out of pocket, insurance won't cover it, so I'd skip that one. Some of them are specialized private lab tests that cost alot, but others look like normal blood and pee tests. The allergen one and fecal microbiology might be a good start?

Sorry, this isn't my cup of tea, maybe a starting point, maybe a conversatin starter?!

FieldingHurst said...

My daughter was picky. She now eats like a machine. We do SCD, but started GFCF. We do 100% natural from scratch, no dyes, no sugars, no perservatives, etc. Maybe it's nothing more than eating good foods, but it has made huge difference. She now eats all of the things most parents only dream their kid would eat and I would have bet everything I own against that when we started. It's not as easy as trying it for a few days though. It was about 1 year ago that we started and it took many months to get it down and avoid infractions.

With all of that said, it's worth it. Out whole family does it and all of us feel lots better.

PS - I am a dad, I know you asked moms.

FieldingHurst said...

The key for us was not having "illegal" items in the house. Once she saw that this was it on what we had to offer, she got with the program. We go out to eat a lot now days and we just take some of her stuff in thermos. She now sees illegal foods right next to her (french fries, etc) and doesn't even care about them. It's almost like she knows what is good for her. She loves to eat now. Fringe benefit, cool solid poops. Again, all of this could be nothing more than eating good food.

I've kept up with your blog lately and quite frankly am afraid for you and you kid on some days.