Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Some interesting stuff.. Some good, some insane!

This first one only affects those of you with kids who are -not- on Medicaid, but sounds hopeful, as far as getting private insurance companies to pay for Autism related services... Click here for article. Not sure how old it is (Ok, I didn't check the date), a friend emailed it to me on my dead email account, which I check like... every 3 months, LOL.

Peta is so insane, it's funny. But this is cute... In a twisted sort of way. Click here. Peta has decided we are no longer to call fish, fish... They are henceforth known as Sea Kittens.


Their Sea Kitten Bedtime stories, probably intended for kids, are as uaul creepy and graphic. Basically it's stories of a bunch of fish... One lives in a fish farm and is suicidal, "she looks forward to the end". One is a genius fish who is shown on the next page cut open, with a blurb on how he was fed to a smart kid who after eating one too many mercury filled Sea Kitten, falls to the bottom of his class. Another Sea Kitten has gone mad with grief after watching her loved ones get 'hooked' and spends her time plotting revenge against cats, for whatever reason...

Peta, once again you manage to make something so bizarre, I'm lost for words.

Oh, except this... I love me some blackened catfish. Nom nom nom.

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LetRVoiceBHeard said...

LOL! I nearly fell off my chair laughing at Peta. Sea Kittens! So what do we call our cats. Land Cat or Land fish! ROFLOL!

First they put out a thing about Cow's milk and Autism. Now this. What are they drinking! LOL..