Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The new site is up

And mostly working. It's a far cry from finished, but what do you think? Any errors, typos, pages, links not working? I know a lot of the links on the Resources page are not working, that takes forever so I'll do it later today probably...

Any content you would like to see? I was thinking I'd try and coerce some of my fellow bloggers to write an article about their stance on Vaccines/treatements, and add that to the resources type stuff...

But yeah, any comments/crits/ ideas, let me know.

Don't Bite The Dog Website

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Kim Stagliano said...

Hi. I think your blog looks great. And I admire your passion and honesty and raw emotion here. Most Moms are afraid to speak out with such a powerful voice. Hoping your baby feels better. And yes, even when you're a New Englander since birth, those cold mornings are dreadful! Loved the "retractable dog leash" legs observation. Great analogy.