Monday, October 20, 2008

Mornings are COLD. Cold cold cold.

All summer, I proudly told everyone who asked me why I left Florida, "I love the winter, the cold is so nice!"

Now i feel like a moron. I do prefer the cold to the hot, but getting Jaymes out of bed for school at 6:30am in the cold SUCKS. Our house was at 55 degrees this morning because we're too cheap to turn the heat on. the kids were good, in their heavy sleepers and blankies and I was good until forced to slither from my cocoon of warm blanket when my alarm rudely jolted me awake.

Jaymes had the same reaction as me, when I tried to pull his blankets off and wake him. He curled into a tight little ball of boy, and growled at me. Yes, growled. I pried his feet out and stole his diaper and jammies, and he curled right back up. His legs are kind of like those retractable dog leashes- you pull one out to do something, and when you let go it zips back into place.

I did finally get him dressed despite his balling up and growling. He did not bite, thankfully. That's Sierra's job, biting. We shivered out way out to the car, and put on the heat and headed down to the bus stop, but of course the heater blew cold air until I had finished getting the boy on the bus and was back in my driveway.

I bolted back inside and retreated to my warm cocoon, where I remain seated right now.

Need to crack out the fleece jackets.

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4HorsesandHolding said...

Your morning sounds much like mine.

I always think "Oh, I can't WAIT for winter and cooler weather." It occurred to me this morning when Ladybug (dog) refused to go outside, that early morning cold isn't quite as nice as daytime cool.

I started the van early, before the children came out.

My youngest also has the curl & retract thing down pat. He didn't growl, he just yelled at us. "Leave me ALONE!" "Don't TOUCH ME!" "I'm sleeping" - things like that.