Wednesday, October 22, 2008

This is just so cool...

The kids have an Elmo DVD that we bought Sierra for her birthday... It's about friends, and singing, and dancing. There is a lot of counting and songs, and the kids have watched the darn thing a million times.

Jaymes is lying on the couch watching it, and singing the Itsy Bitsy Spider song. Ok, not the words, but he's trying to follow along in babbles with the melody. True, he's butchering it, but how cute is that? He knows certain parts of it now, and when Elmo counts, Jaymes counts too. When they sing their songs, Jaymes goes silent and is just entranced.

If I accidentally shut off the TV, there is rioting. As soon as it's back, all is calm.

Sierra sings and talks and dances with it too, more so than Jaymes, and the pair of them singing is just too awesome for words.

Jaymes' talking is really improving. He told me today, very clearly, "I want cupcake." He tells Sierra what she can and cannot do, in true big brother style. He sings out "hiiii!" to anyone who knocks at the door. He's just a cool kid.

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