Friday, October 3, 2008

Poor Sierra

Sierra had her 2 year well check today... She was sweet and giggly and smiley and happy right up until the bad stuff.. She needed her MMR and Hep b shots and, she needed blood drawn.

They did the blood first, and she was such a little trooper. Not a cry at all. Then the vaccs. She screamed for the MMR, that one stings. She also had the flu vacc that goes up the nose. She also needed Hep A, but I elected to do that in a month. Hate to overload her with so many at once.

So, anti vaccine lunatics... We shall see if my daughter, who has just been evaluated by Early Intervention and pronounced entire "normal", "neurotypical" or whatever else you'd like to call it... we'll see if after having her MMR, she magically becomes Autistic. And if she does, I'll make a formal apology.

But I don't think I'll start writing out that apology just yet.

Anyway, baby girl is tired, sore, and fussy... But she's safe. And thanks to those of us who DO vaccinate, the rest of your kids are going to be less likely to die of one of the godawful illnesses you decided were better than Autism.

-end bitterness-

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