Sunday, October 26, 2008

Busy and tired and needing information!

Things have been crazy around here... Cleaning and organizing and dealing with the loss of one of my beloved (animal) family members. It's been freezing cold. Ok, 50's. But still.


Anyway, got some updates up on Don't Bite The Dog: Beyond The Blog. Added a bunch of biomed/DAN!/Anti-Vaccine links, plus the CDC's page on vaccines and a few more blogs I like.

I need information! Please use the contact form on the site to send me the following:

-Autism friendly pediatricians (if no website, phone number is fine)
By autism friendly, I mean that the doc is willing to discuss staggering vaccines, GFCF diet, and some biomed stuff. I do NOT mean doctors who are DAN!, as there is already an online list available. Autism friendly does not necessarily mean these docs will agree that vaccs are death- but they will be willing to discuss it without being asses. Make sense? I hope I'm somewhate coherent, it IS morning after all.

-Links to informative sites
Autism related, GFCF diet help, Biomed info, chelation info, DAN!, ABA, treatments I haven't thought of... Anything that you think would help families understand their various options.

-Links to agencies
Autism advocacy, support programs, etc.

-Links to Autism Forums
I have Foggy Rock and Autism Acceptance Project- are there any more?

-Anything else you would think helpful to parents of newly diagnosed kids.

Remember, you were once one of those "newbie" parents! The best information comes from other moms and dads, so please share your knowledge.

If you've got ideas for features to add to the site, please let me know.

I cannot stress enough, that while this blog expresses my opinions regarding all things autism (and in life in general!), the site does not. It does not reccommend one thing over another, nor does it choose sides in the Great Vaccine Debate.

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