Sunday, October 12, 2008

Another update...

Fever is at 101.5, which is a big improvement, but still a fever... I guess they are thinking she will go home tonight or this afternoon... If so, we have to just go home, there is no other option. I talked to the hospital chaplain, he told me my best bet is to just "fake it" and wait until I have money and stuff set in place to leave.

Everyone is telling me I'm overreacting, that Jason only did this stuff because he was unhappy about money and that he can't help it... Blah blah blah. I'm not welcome at my moms... I'm not taking them to a shelter, Jaymes is not able to handle a situation like that.

I guess I only have one option...

Sorry for all my whiny posts. Nobody's on my side right now, except my internet friends. I love my internet friends <3

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Moonbrain Mare said...

I can't believe everyone's telling you you're overreacting. To an abusive husband being physical with you in front of the kids, terrifying them, and flashing a knife around in front of them ... where is that going to end? You're not overreacting at all.

Is there a women's shelter or something you could go to?