Tuesday, October 7, 2008

One of those random picture posts

I cleaned my house yesterday, and lo and behold, it remains clean. I'm very pleased with myself. of course Jason is unimpressed, but I could build a 50 story tall castle out of toothpicks and he'd bitch about there not being golden doorknobs, or that said golden doorknobs were not nearly shiny enough (you know, nothing is ever good enough)... Anyway, I am thrilled. I even got the dog/cat/rat smell out of the house. Go me! So of course I had to take photos. I did not mop. I do not mop. I despise mopping, and I always end up on my back on the floor, too dazed to realize that running barefoot across a wet hardwood floor may work for Jaymes... But not for me.

Cleaaaaan living room, complete with sleeping canine:

Cleeeeean bathroom (I even scrubbed the floor with a friggin WASHCLOTH. Yes, I am awesome.)

Clean, shiny, sparkley kitchen. My greatest achievement for the month. I scrubbed everything. A white kitchen sucks to clean. When I'm rich, it'll all be black. Or all chromey... ooooh.

My super awesome fridge, with Jaymes art.

Sweater-Dog says "Couch looks good, mommy"

Dumb-Dog says "Ooooh, shiny swept floor. Why you not mop, mommy?"

Then I started looking at all the cute pics of Jaymes as a baby and took photos of them to share. He was soooooooooooo cute. Still is, thank you.

Back when Jason and Jaymes got along... I used to keep this on my desk at my Medical Billing job. Everyone thought it was beyond cuteness. I agree. Would it be inappropriate to cut jason's face out of it, or is that something one should wait for the divorce to do?

Jaymes and my old bunny, Thor.

As a newborn, Jaymes was a wee bit unattractive. He had a square head. Something to do with his difficult birth, and my age at the time.

A mother's day card Jaymes' daycare did in 2005

Brie was ready for her close-up:

Buddy wanted to show off for the camera...

And for our final photo... Well I'll let you revel in the adorableness.


Kelley said...

I have a white kitchen and white floor tiles!!! Hate hate hate.

But your kitchen is much cuter than mine.

And girl, you DO NOT want black or chrome. Even harder to keep clean. I know from experience.

Amber DBTD said...

Are there -any- colors that will make me not have to clean? Like... maybe colorful speckles that closely resemble spilled food and dog snot?

Amber DBTD said...
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Laura in L.A. said...

Thanks for sharing the pics, Amber. Your family is so beautiful! And your house looks great! :):)