Thursday, October 16, 2008


If I know your IP address and have you labeled (as I do to anyone I know in "real life"), I know by my site tracker the following:

Date and time of every time you've come to the blog
What you googled to get here
Which posts you read
How long you spent on each post
What browser and operating system you use

No point being sneaky. I don't post -anything- on this blog that I have a problem with family or friends reading. If I plan to be "mean" to someone, i'll do it in an email or to their face. This blog is here for me to vent, and not for the benefit of anyone else (with the exception of the Autism related stuff)

I also NEVER EVER EVER take posts down. Ok, once I did, a long time ago. But aside from that, NEVER. Anything (especially) pertaining to my husband would certainly not be taken down.


BCC said...

I'm not sneaky or interesting, but you're still my hero.

Keep advocating for your boy.


your cheerleader in DC

Amber DBTD said...

LOL, no this is more of a local issue. no worries to readers who haven't met me in person lol.

4HorsesandHolding said...


What about my anonymity?

Amber DBTD said...

Don't make me post your phone number and address, you troublemaker.


No worries, you may remain anonymous. I don't have you labeled. Dork.