Sunday, October 12, 2008

Something pretty in a sea of ugliness...

Our hospital room is way up at the top of the building, and we have the most spectacular view of the city of Winston-Salem. The city at night is really just breathtaking. Thousands of lights, in a myriad of colors and sizes, some flashing, some dull, some bright. The somber glow of the streetlights on the deserted highway, the erratic flashing of the billboard that changes messages every few seconds.

The very few cars on the road are so tiny, like little matchbox cars pushed around by Jaymes and Sierra when they play. Looking out there, into the darkness of night, yet the brightness of city, is oddly soothing.


Anonymous said...

Hello, Amber. I thought I would pitch in and try to throw you a few ideas to help in this really tough time you're going through. I got your blog from another blog (an anti vaxxer blog that is almost laughing at you right now for being pro vaccine).

First and foremost - break ups of marraiges and partnerships are unfortunately common amongst those who have an Autie kid. Jason clearly wasn't prepared to make the extra commitment. You're better off without him and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. So are your kids, especially Jaymes. The last thing an Autie kid needs is bad stuff going on around them.

I've looked through what's happened to Sierra. Now I want to point out that I am NOT a doctor. I'm relying on logic here in the advice I'm about to give;

1. Dump the doctor who said "There's nothing wrong." There is. Tell him to go forth and multiply, and maybe even threaten to sue him if he goes anywhere near Sierra again.
2. Get the facility where the vaccines were administered looked at. I suspect Sierra got a bad batch (hence the high temp) and that places the facilities ability to store vaccines correctly under serious suspicion.
3. I notice Sierra's tempreture rose after she ate. What did she eat? Specifically? That needs to be looked into in detail because it may be what caused the temp rise.
4. The lack of a wet diaper means her digestive system needs to be looked at - now.

Chances are what has happened is that a sensory overload has occurred. A poorly stored vaccine can cause that. So can food. So can a stressed household. With Jaymes on the Autistic Spectrum, Sierra will have the same genetic pre-disposition. It's still not too late to prevent her ending up the same as Jaymes, and I wish you all the best.

And don't listen to the idiots who say the vaccines themselves are the problem.

Amber DBTD said...

Well, at least someone could get something out of our last couple days. Kind of sick to laugh at a baby lying in a hospital bed, but hey, some people like odd things.

Sierra's fever stayed gone all night, which is great. IV antibiotics seem to have made her feel a lot better. I have yet to see her eat (last night she ate a few bites of turkey, carrots, and a cookie) since the one time yesterday, but as long as she stays fever free she can go back.

My only thought is that if it was not some odd form of the cold Jaymes and I have, possibly the up the nose flu vaccine could have actually given her the flu. I think that makes some sense, other than the timing. it's been what, nearly 2 weeks?

I still don't believe vaccs cause Autism though, and there have been no changes in Sierra's communication or behavior, other than being a floppy sick baby.

I am not well read on whether vaccs can give you sikcnesses, I know that i've heard stories about how it happened to so and so's mother's autn or whatever... I was worried about the flu vacc, but felt it was something we should do, as when Sierra gets a cold, it goes into her lungs and becomes pneumonia. (This of course is not).

Can't dump the doctors one by one, they all say it's just a fever, no other symptoms anymore... They may d/c her this morning, no clue.

Is it possible she maybe got the flu virus from the flu shot? Yes. Do I know? Nope.

I'd rather worry more about my daughter than the vaccine right now. I've got a lot on my plate, and i'm having to choose my battles.

Sierra and Jaymes are 1/2 siblings, so she has a much lower predisposition, if that makes sense.

Thank you for your comments, and if you'd care to link to that blog, i'd be curious. ( :

Anonymous said...

Scroll down until you see the link to your blog here.

The owner of the blog I'm linking you to is two sandwiches short of a picnis, and his latest hero (the subject of his latest blog postings) is a crank who belongs to a political party in Canada who believe that America allowed 9/11 to happen. Enough said about that!

If all the doctors are saying that, it's a major worry. I've always said that for a country that prides itself in freedom and so forth - America has a third world health system in a lot of ways. Here in Australia - where I live - Medicare (Medicaid to you) is far better funded. We still have issues in our health system, but it shines compared to the US!

But it's good to read that Sierra had a good night and the fever is coming down on a more consistent basis. May it stay that way. Keep an eye on it - for your daughter's sake.