Sunday, October 12, 2008

The new "official" temperature post

I'll just update with the time and temp changes, rather than making new posts. She had gone down to 100.4 with tylenol, but now is 104 again, and shivering. I'm glad I made them take her temp. She did finally drink some apple juice, but I think she needs to be hooked back up to the IV. She hadn't had a wet diaper since she went off the IV, and even those were VERY light. I'm getting annoyed, the doctor seems to think this is fine, and it is not. Sierra doesn't normally lay around like a limp noodle. This is not her.

Jaymes has been sleeping for 16 hours now... I hope he is ok too. I feel bad, but I have no desire to wake him. He has not eaten since last night, and only had 4 nuggets then.

I got meal vouchers from the chaplain, but I can't eat so i saved the food for Jaymes when he wakes. He loves mac n cheese. It sticks in my throat like a lump today.

***Update 3:30pm***
They are drawing blood cultures, gave her motrin, and are going to give her antibiotics again. she is not going home today. She drank some apple juice and ate a few bites of mac n cheese. Jaymes finally woke up, but will not eat. He has not eaten since yesterday, poor guy.

***Update 8:05pm***

She had a good few hours with her temp down at 101.5, ate dinner and played and was herself.. then BOOM. 103.7 then 104.3. She's not at her finest right now.

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