Monday, October 27, 2008

Jaymes makes me smile...

Jaymes had a good day today. Not a tantrum free day, but a day of achievement. I'm so proud.

I got him this make your own candy necklace kit for Valentines Day, but we forgot to do it. Jaymes found it, so I decided to let him have at it. The candy pieces were pretty small, and it was very hard for him to string the pieces. Took a lot of dexterity. And a lot of patience. He actually sat there for an HOUR, stringing candy pieces. Quietly. Peacefully. No screams, even when he dropped candy pieces. He didn't even really eat that many pieces while stringing, he was set on making his necklace.

He looked like he was concentrating SO hard!

Look at his awesome necklace!

See how many he put on there, all by himself?!


Sadly, at the end, he dropped his necklace and it went everywhere. Then he ate all the pieces. But isn't that just amazing? He sat, stayed on task for an HOUR. He managed to string those little pieces with a piece of stretchy rope... I'm really just floored by it.

Later he had a huge fit at bedtime, which was unpleasant.. He beat his face up pretty good against the wall. However, he talked, used the longest sentence I have heard out of him. He screamed at me "WANTA WATCH ELMO!"

What a day for language and attention span. Jaymes is awesome.

I cleaned the kitchen and put up the new drapes...

And my little tack room I recently made...


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Jaelynn said...

OMFG. Pics of ugly me! D: -teartear-