Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Because it's been another one of those days...

Jaymes is having an exceptionally difficult day... And Sierra is just plain ignoring me. So, because I'm getting really negative, I'm going to make a list of positive things about Jaymes. Sometimes just focusing on the negative can make you forget how awesome someone really is.

Ok, things Jaymes can do:

  • Turn on/off the hose at my request
  • Fill up his horse's water bucket all by himself
  • Helps feed the horse
  • Waters the garden with minimal damage to the plants
  • Has thus far completed 3 car rides with no unbuckling of his seat belt!
  • Can sit still after 8pm to cuddle and watch TV with us
  • Can name some of his body parts, and label them on someone else
  • Learned the letter "U"
  • Can sometimes sit in his seat at meal time
Words Jaymes uses (consistently):

  • Horsie
  • No
  • Stop
  • I eat
  • Eat
  • Drink
  • Candy
  • Cars (i.e. Lightning McQueen)
  • Sierra/Si-Si
  • Mommy (pronounced 'mani' but used regularly to mean me)
  • Go
  • Bye
  • Night Night (usually 'Byebyenightnight')
  • Carseat
I wish more people posted lists like this, so I would know where my son is in relation to other Autistic children of his age. I wish I knew if this was what he will be like for the rest of his life, or if he will become higher functioning... Funny how the doctors will never give a straight answer on that one. Neither will his PT. (I love her to death and have all the respect in the world for her)

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