Thursday, July 24, 2008

A thought...

I had a thought, while cleaning out Buddy's stall this morning... I've got dogs that are registered as therapy dogs through The Delta Society. Horses can also be evaluated and certified, and given that insurance protection, though I have never done that. I'd love to get Buddy certified through Delta, so that I could take him to do things with kids other than just Jaymes, or have kids come out here to do therapy with Buddy. Jaymes benefits so much from it, shouldn't the rest of the world? Ok, maybe not the world.

Anyway, the cost of certification is an issue. A vet check is required, registration fees, etc... So my idea was trying to sell some of Jaymes' fingerpaint art to raise money toward this goal. Obviously, I doubt anyone would want to have a 4 year old's fingerpaintings, but you never know. Maybe Ebay?

My goal would be to get Bud's certified, and also have a small pool of funds to cover trailering him to schools or events where he could be used to help kids. I know that Jaymes' school would love to have him, if only we could figure it out.

So, ideas, anyone? I'm not going to beg for donations, because that's just awkward for everyone, but I will say that I won't discourage them! I do have Paypal, and can furnish reciepts if asked. Once we get Buddy certified, I will post up a scanned copy of the certification, and do blogs for whatever event or facility we visit.


dressage_x said...


I think that if you get a couple framed finger paints, those would be marketable. I think it would be very cool!

You could also sell some artistic pictures, to go towards helping out. Do you have a nice enough camera to go get some "artsy" shots of Buddy and Jaymes?

Also, I have a helmet that I don't use anymore, if you'd like to have it. It's a black velvet show helmet, I'd have to check the size. It was mine as a kid, and is barely used...It doesn't have vents, but it might be a good thing to have around.


BCC said...

Blog ads and offering items for sale are good, but why not put up a tip jar too? A lot of HUGELY popular blogs do it - because a lot people would be really happy to throw a couple of dollars their way and honestly don't want to buy anything. (Some of us have small houses and too much stuff already!) You should try it too.

(Just my 2 cents of course, but I could actually TIP them to you - if you had a tip jar.)

Amber DBTD said...

I have thought about that, but I don't want to alienate my readers, and make them feel like they need to hand me money rather than just enjoy my blog. If that makes sense, lol.

How would one do a tip jar online, if I did?