Sunday, July 6, 2008

Don't eat those!

As I was typing up the puddle post below, it occurred to me that not only does Jaymes like to drink strangely, but he has extremely eccentric eating habits too. Some of his favorite foods:

Frozen french fries
Frozen chicken nuggets
Frozen PB&J sandwiches
Horse feed (alfalfa pellets, specifically.)

I wonder if he likes the frozen stuff for some kind of sensory input? The hardness and coldness of a frozen food maybe? It can't taste good like that, can it? Ugh.

Not only food, but other items are favorites. It's a struggle to keep Jaymes from these things...

Shaving cream- He would give an arm or leg for a mouthful of the stuff, and it's not because he thinks it's whipped cream. He spits whipped cream like it's poison.

Rat food- My pet rats eat a handmade grain mix (total cereal, high quality dog food, cheerios, dried peas, raisins, dried cranberries, etc...)

He loves to drink from the horses stock tank

What odd foods do you or your child (autistic or otherwise) enjoy? I have a thing for salt. I'll pour a tall cold glass of milk, and a bowl of salt, and just go back a forth. Mouthful of salt, drink of milk. Mmmm.


all-canadian said...

How did you discover that he likes frozen peanut butter and jam sandwiches? It's not like those are ever just sitting

Amber said...

Have you seen those Uncrustables sandwiches? They're little round premade PB&J that you buy in the frozen food dept. They're ridiculously overpriced.... But yeah, you keep them frozen until ready to eat. Jaymes raided the freezer, LOL

nikole said...

I have Two sons ages 3 and 19 mos., the 3 yr old is Autistic and the 19 month old is the one that has the funny ( though it's not) eating habits. He has been caught eating such things as Cig. butts, rocks, dirt from the drive way & sand box( although I'm sure he wasn't comparing the two)and just about anything that is the perfect size to seem like it should go in the mouth. Out of my four children, He is the only one to do this. I have to watch him like a hawk everyday or find a surprise in the diaper later. LOL

Amber said...

I think Jaymes has sampled everything you mentioned, Nikole. He prefers to suck on rocks. Thankfully he does not try to swallow them.