Sunday, July 6, 2008

Goals recap

So, as posted last Sunday, I will be making new goals for both Jaymes and myself each Sunday, then posting our progress. This weeks goals were (goal updates are in purple):

1. Jaymes will wear his lap belt in the car (in conjunction with his safety harness, of course) without unbuckling it. I had been required to bellow the word "NO" every time he moved to unbuckle. I'd like to see him do it without such an extreme reprimand.

Jaymes has successfully mastered this. He has not made a move to unbuckle in days, and consistantly shows that he can tolerate the seat belt. Yay Jaymes!

2. Jaymes will sit on the potty at least once daily, even if he doesn't do anything in it.

Miserable failure, but not his fault. My fault. We've been so crazy trying to get ready for our FL trip on Tuesday that we haven't had time to do the potty thing. Bad mommy.

3. Jaymes will learn 3 letters of the alphabet with his new alphabet singing super annoying toy.

Jaymes learned one letter that he points out consistantly. The letter "E". He seems to know the letter "U" as well, but only "E" gets pointed out and labeled while "U" has to be pointed to him and you have to ask. The other letters he can sometimes repeat, but more often than not, the conversation goes like this:

"Jaymes, what's this?" while pointing to a letter in a book/on the keyboard
"whassis" AKA, "I'm going to copy what you just said and hope that it's the correct answer. It's a work in progress.

And for mommy....

1. Mommy will not yell so much
Meh. Failed today, but I have been better. Don't I get a free PMS pass?
2. Mommy will take the kids for one walk a day- may not be able to do this one if it's as ridiculously hot as it has been.. But I need to anyway, I'm a bit rounder than I want to be and the kids love their walks.
We went for 3 walks this week. It has been VERY hot. I did take Jaymesfor a trail ride around the neighborhood on Buddy though, too.
3. Mommy will be more tolerant of Daddy, so the kids don't have to hear us screaming at each other. We haven't fought this week.

New goals for the coming week... This might be tough, because we'll be in Florida from Tuesday to the following Tuesday. I will have internet access. But, I'm struggling to think of appropriate goals, because vacation will be very hard for Jaymes.

1. Jaymes will make an attempt to verbalize when he wants or needs something. Example being, if he wants a pepperoni, he will say "pepperoni please" or, in his language, "roni pease."

2. Jaymes will be safe around Grandma's pool- No running, no going out without mommy or daddy

3. Jaymes will eat at least 2 meals per day, and not eat cheetos alllllllllll week long.

Mommy's goals:

1. Mommy will make changes in vacation plans depending upon what Jaymes can and cannot tolerate, within reason. Meaning, if Jaymes gets antsy and afraid at the water park, as much as mommy loves the water park, mommy will be mature and leave to do something fun for Jaymes.

2. Mommy will be nice to mother-in-law. Nuff said.

3. Mommy will not eat all the delicious fresh mozzerella balls in mother-in-law's house even though they're the best thing on earth and we only get them when we visit her.

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