Monday, July 14, 2008

Don't mind the beached whale...

Got me some video footage! I just knowwww, that you all want to see video upon video of my children doing children-at-beach things. We had a lot of fun, although Jaymes was showing us why we can't go anywhere where other people are and be in peace. He had to keep running away to hold hands with reluctant and complete strangers. Not only is this insanely dangerous, but it looks horrible, and makes me look like an idiot who doesn't watch who my kid goes to. I'm sorry, Old Lady With Drooping Bosom in Too Tight Bikini, you can tell me to teach my son not to talk to strangers, but it won't do any more good than it would for me to tell you to rein in your girls and wear a little more clothing.

Everytime Jaymes saw a female, he took off at a dead run to hold their hand. It was not easy to get him back to where he should be, because not only was he slippery as an eel with sunblock, but he was very much not wanting to be taken from his prospective girlfriends. That any my too-big bathing suit kept falling low over my chest and showing off more than I want shown off. That kinda took the fun out of everything, but he finally stopped doing it and had a lot of fun playing in the waves and looking for shark teeth with me. We got some really beautiful ones.

This was Si-Si's first time at the beach, and I'm so surprised, but she LOVED it. Her best moment was when she found one of those sea plant thingies that look like pea pods, except bigger. For my purposes, we will call this piece of vegetation Sierra's Sea Bean. Sierra loved her Sea Bean. she flapped it. She tasted it. She stabbed me in the rear with it. She hit Jaymes with it. She tossed it, and ran to fetch it. Sierra's Sea Bean might well be a marketable toddler toy idea. I could be rich. But of course, Sierra found it, and thus any monies obtained would be rightfully hers. I don't think she'd give me any of her profits. Alas.

Anyway... Videos! And some pics. Jason hated the beach, you'll see a photo of him suffering below. Jason at the beach is similar to a cat in the washing machine.

Sierra and the Sea Bean...

Jaymes is taken out by the ocean. After the video stopped, he proceeded to scream at the ocean in fury for about 15 minutes, and beat the ocean senseless with his fists. When he was finished, he gave the ocean a kiss (I wish I'd taped that) and petted it while saying "I'm so sorry" in a loud, angry voice.

Jaymes and Sierra having assorted beach fun...

In this one, don't mind the beached whale. My bathing suit is less than flattering. Actually any bathing suit is less than flattering on me.

After the beach, we let Jaymes shower off... He was more interesting in drinking the water.

In the car on the way home... I know Jaymes' seatbelt is screwed up, but Medicaid has not approved his special vest accessory thingy, so we're stuck till then. I'm a horrible mom, got it.

I picked Sierra a flower, and she looked so sweet with it...

More beached whale, my most sincere apologies. Enjoy Jaymes, avoid me.


Tara Nicole said...

Amber, I cannot even begin to convey the deep and true feelings of admiration I have for you...I always have and always will!

Your two children are BEAUTIFUL and could NEVER have a greater mother! I am sadden by the large amount of time that we have not talked....I wish you the best in life, always!

Amber DBTD said...

I miss you too... Always kinda got the feeling you didn't want to talk though... I miss my best buddy. You should take a trip to NC and see us sometime, last time you saw us I was still pregnant with Si-Si!