Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Jaymes and Buddy play rodeo

I decided to let Jaymes ride today, for the first time in a couple weeks. Bud's been off work because of his leg, but he's been doing well. Put Jaymes up, and had Jason start filming so I could share how good Jaymes looks when he rides. You'll notice in the video below, a couple things:

  • Jaymes is barefoot. I prefer him barefoot when he rides because he thumps his heels when he has shoes on and it's unpleasant for Buddy. He is not allowed near Buddy on the ground when barefoot, so no worries about the danger of foot stomping
  • I'm wearing sandals. My feet, I take the fate of my toes in my own hands. I'm lazy, and didn't feel like putting socks and shoes on.
  • Jaymes is riding in a bareback pad. He always uses the BB pad, because the saddle I have is not a good fit for Buddy in his skinny state.
Anyway, looks as if a particularly nasty fly took a chunk out of the Old Man's belly, and he took off like a rocket. Jaymes did well staying on, until I pulled the lead and Buddy arced around me. Then he sort of gracefully slung himself over and landed neatly in my arms. Extreme hugging, that's what it was. He wasn't even scared. Tough little man. I spent some time working with the horse then let Jaymes ride again, they had a very successful 15 minute ride. Jaymes had a great time.

This is a good lesson to everyone. This is why every child must must must wear a helmet when they ride, whether it be a 2 minute photo op, or a 3 hour trail ride. Jaymes didn't even hit the ground, but if he had, he was wearing his helmet. Even on a 23 year old, crippled babysitter of a horse, accidents happen. To all the parents out there who let their kids ride, stay safe.


fadetopurple said...

I still can't believe that catch you made. Nice reflexes.

Amber said...

-muscle flex-

He clung to me, I just got my arm out in time. Jaymes gets the credit for that one.

igiaa said...

I admire you soo much!!