Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Don't mind the fingerprints, glass is hard to photograph

Like I'd said sometime last week, I'm going to be selling framed/matted Jaymes art in an effort to make some money to get Buddy certified as a therapy horse with the Delta Society. My plan is to either take him to schools, or else let schools and just families with special needs kids come out and brush, cuddle, and love on Buddy. After seeing how much of a difference Buddy has made in Jaymes' life, I want to make that same difference for a few more kids.

Prices depend upon the frame cost. The frame pictured cost me $7 at Target, and it's a really cool entirely glass frame with black mat. Very modern looking. I like it a lot. I will be getting some cheaper frames too, more simple traditional type ones, and those will be cheaper. Requests can be taken too, with a deposit paid ahead for the frame (so if you want a purple one with flowers on it or something!) and also Jaymes painting "commisions" can be ordered for no extra fee.

Jaymes has a good eye for color, if I do say so myself. I can provide you with a reciept, and these will be considered donations rather than purchases. Each one, unless the frame is super pricey, will be $15. Shipping is $10 (might go down once I see what the actual shipping cost is!) Our Paypal is doctor_fate2000@yahoo.com. Please post this around, if you can, so we can get some orders in. I know they're not fancy, but it's a cool way to donate to a good cause.


fadetopurple said...
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Amber DBTD said...

Sure, any color preferences? He'll be all excited to get to paint today.. LOL. I'll PM you on FHOTD.