Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A great ride

I took Jaymes and Buddy out for a ride last night once it cooled down a little bit... Jaymes' balance is really getting better, remember that he does not ride in a saddle, but a bareback pad over 2 saddle pads. I don't have a saddle that fits Buddy properly, so he is much more comfortable in the bareback pad. This means that Jaymes is really riding bareback, with very little to hang onto and no stirrups. So when I say he did great and sat up straight with no wobbling or anything, you should be impressed.

We went down the road, past the neighbors horses, back down the road the other way, past a bulldozer, and past a cow. Jaymes held his reins (attached around Bud's neck, not to his mouth) most of the time, which is something we have been working on. He was talking a lot, naming everything. Tree, house, blue, kitty, dog, boy, "HIII!", sign, car. It was really cute.

Buddy did amazingly too, I swear everyday that horse reminds me why we spend so much money on him! A guy was digging dirt with a bulldozer right next to the road, it was very loud and I thought buddy would be scared, but nope, he lowered his head like a western pleasure mount and kept on going. Didn't even twitch an ear.

He was a little more horrified with the cow, but there was no silliness, and everyone arrived home safe and sound, and happy.

Got a start on mowing the lawn, until we got called on for "noise disturbance." Good grief, you jerk you reported me for my lawn being too long (which is BS anyway) so I mowed it. I can't win!


dressage_x said...

God, you just can't do right for this guy.

By the way, I'd love to see some updated pictures of Buddy.


Amber DBTD said...

I need to charge my camera, I killed it on vacation and haven't unpacked the charger... He's looking good. Needs feet done though, hopefully sometime this week.