Sunday, July 6, 2008

Blackberries and puddles

Kids love to pick berries. They also love to play in puddles. My kids, of course, do these things in their own creative way. Went down the road with my friend Heather (who does the Autism thing and understands Jaymes) and we found some wild blackberries... Of course we had to pick them. I'm one of those people. I droooool over bushes laden with berries, and I cannot walk past them without eating them. When I'm out cleaning Buddy's stall, I eat the few berries out there in between poop scoopings!

I had both kids with me, and Heather had her son too. He knows to wait for her to give him berries. Jaymes has no interest in berries. Sierra... Well, she's unique. She decided that despite the fact that I was offering her berries every few seconds, she needed to devour every berry on the bush- the red, unripened ones included. Didn't seem to bother her that they were bitter as anything, she just made some funny faces and continued to shovel them down. Jaymes decided he was more interested in the orange flowers growing next to the blackberries, and tried to eat those. He got about 5 in his mouth before his eyes widened, he coughed loudly, and all the drooly bedraggled flowers came shooting back out. He seemed genuinely shocked that they were not tasty.

As we resumed our walk, we passed a few mud puddles. More water than mud, for sure, but still.. Not that appealing. The kids kept slowing down to pick a flower, or grab some rocks, or just dawdle around. I was busy catching Sierra, who found a very friendly kitty cat and was trying to take off down the road with her kitty cat. Turn around, and what do I see? Jaymes, on his belly on the road. Drinking out of the puddle. Heloves to do this. I can't imagine why, and I'm sure you can get all kinds of nasty germs from that, including worms -shudder-

He did this before, actually, at the zoo. We were in front of the lion exhibit and he knelt right down and drank from the puddle. Lady at the zoo looked at me like I was a 6 headed demon and then said "OH MY GOD HE IS GOING TO GET HIV!"


frogfoot1969 said...

LOL I didn't know you could catch HIV from drinking from puddles, ROFL!! Maybe he is pretending to be an animal.

Amber said...

Apparently drinking out of puddles is right up there with sharing needles and unprotected sex. Who knew?

I thought her comment was just priceless.

Maybe he's trying to be like his horse?

Jenn said...

As gross as that is, it is quite cute, lol, I can just picture it! BTW I have been reading through, I greatly enjoy reading your blog... I am taking Autism and Behavioural Science at Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario. Learning lots from you :)