Friday, July 25, 2008


Loooong way down.

Rat babies... An oops litter.


Sierra wearing daddy's shoes and socks -eww-

Jaymes "riding on his own" ok, not quite. Shouldn't have had the reins attached to the bit though, my mistake. Buddy took it well for the 2 seconds it took to photograph it.

I had to get something out of the kitchen, so I put a longe line on him and had Jaymes hold the door for me.

He's soooo cute

Looking better

Pointing out houses

Big nose

Jaymes throwing Sierra off the tricycle... Meanie

Sierra trying to figure out the tricycle


Puh-leeze said...

Hi SP!

It's really great to see Buddy and your son having a good time together. I think the pads are the way to go, both for balance and for Buddy's back.
And, for reasons we know, I think the photos are just a super idea.
Keep up the great work.

Amber DBTD said...

Yeah, the pads work really well. It's actually a thick cutback pad underneath, a towel, the pretty wool show blanket (never did show in it...), then the bareback pad, girthed up just tight enough to keep everything steady. He still rears when you try to put a saddle on, any saddle... So I won't put him through it.

The pads keep Jaymes balanced, and they also protect his little butt from Buddy's bony bony spine!