Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Eye update

Well, my eye is a little bit better... I can open it now at least.

We spent an hour last night right before bedtime in a frantic search for Jaymes beloved stuffed Horsey, and his buddy Blankie. He gets very upset if he doesn't have them, but he stashed them places during the day... So he was running around yelling "horseeeeyyyyyy! Blankieeeeee!" and we looked all over.Finally found Horsey in Sierra's room, and Blankie in the back yard under the kiddy pool, covered in ants. Shook em off, and Jaymes went off to bed happily.

Weird kid. Who puts their beloved Blankie under a kiddy pool?

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Roxanne (Spanishhorses) said...

Don't think he'll give up on that blankie, I still have mine *looks at it* and I'm turning 20 on the 1st... I cried when I moved because I couldn't find it the first night in the boxes.