Sunday, July 13, 2008

Yay Jaymes!

Jaymes had a really great day today! His behavior was great, no outbursts, and we were out a lot of the day at various stores. I got about 5 inches of my hair hacked off, it was too darn long and tooooo hot.

We went to Olive Garden this evening, and I thought it was going to be bad. Every warning sign. We had a 20 minute wait. I let Jaymes hold the little flashy-lightuppy thing they give you to tell you when it's your turn, but that didn't impress him. After about half a minute, Jaymes wanted to go inside and eat. NOW. He didn't verbalize this, obviously, but he was hauling my hand to get me up (no small task) and to the door. We opted to walk around the entire building until it was time for us to go inside. Jaymes used the curb as a balance beam and showed some really impressive balance, which is great since that is one thing his Physical Therapist has been having him do. The back of the restaurant was not a great place for walking. Between the Florida heat, two enormous dumpsters full of rotting italian food, and a slight breeze... well, that portion of the buliding stunk horribly. We went around.. oh, about 15 times probably. Got tired, and sat down, but Jaymes insisted on leaving us to sit with strangers (and acted a little creepy, from the looks they were giving him and us) so we had to keep moving.

Finally did make it in, got to our seats, and Jaymes started to eat his crayons. He's not big on coloring when all they give you is a red and a green crayon. He got bored with his crayon eating fairly quickly, and went on to locate the fancy little sugar packets, rip one open, and pour it on the table. Not wanting to waste any sugar, and wanting to clean his mess like a good little booger, Jaymes licked the sugar off the table.

Once we had our food, Jaymes took control of the breadstick basket, and tested each for poison before allowing us to eat them. Ok, ok. He took a bite out of every stick. But I like to think there was a noble cause for it.

At one point, a waiter walked behind me and dropped a whole tray of used salad bowl and god knows what else... I got a refreshing splash of italian dressing on my legs, and Jaymes laughed his head off, much to the irritation of the waitresses. The waiter who had dropped the tray, interestingly, had just wandered off quickly and left another waitress to clean up the mess. She looked furious. The guy came back and said "oh I hope I didn't spill anything on you." I decided not to say anything, I wouldn't want to cause the poor guy to get in trouble or even lose his job. Accidents happen, I survived, and maybe italian dressing is good for the skin?

Jaymes ate his pepperoni pizza, then fell asleep in my lap in true infant style. He curled up on my lap, covered himself with a napkin, and was out like a light. By the end of dinner, he was snoring so loudly the waitresses were laughing.

The baby behind us, a cute little one year old girl, spent her whole dinner amusing my husband by eating lemons with gusto. I could tell he was missing Sierra. She stayed home. She doesn't handle restaurants well.

When we left, Jaymes remained unconsious so I just hauled his cute little snoring self out. He is so incredibly adorable. When I went to put him in the back seat, I lost my balance and fell over, dropping him on the seat. Poor little guy's eyes popped open in surprise, and he did that twitchy, jerky panic mode type movement. I felt horrible. He's asleep on the couch right now, we're watching the Bee Movie. Jaymes is a good kid.

Dunno what we're up to tomorrow, but maybe the beach. Jaymes will enjoy that. I don't think we've ever brought Sierra to the beach before.

I know my blogs have been boring, I'll be coming up with more relevant topics than what I did each day, I promise.


Anonymous said...

I just want to say that your blogs are so inspirational. I'm a mom of a 4 yr old and some days can be so hard, frustrating, and just plain suck. Sometimes I just want my "old" life back, before there were so many responsibilities. The way that you make light of your daily trials & tribulations with Jaymes make me realize that, with a little humor, things are going to be ok :) I admire you so much!

Marissa "Tapitico" (From Fugly)

Amber DBTD said...

aww, thank you for the sweet comments! I'm no saint, and sometimes my options are to either laugh at our troubles, or string up that noose. Humor has done our family a world of good.