Monday, June 30, 2008


While the good new is that my dizziness has dissipated, the bad news is that my aggravation tolerance threshold has been met- and exceeded.

You know, it's bad enough being ridiculously annoyed at a child. You feel guilty because well, it's a child. But it is an infinitely worse guilt when that child is Autistic. I know he can't help it. I know I need to be tolerant, believe me, I am. I'm allowed my occasional moments of wanting to choke someone. Seriously, someone needs to cut me a break today.

Woke up dizzy and nauseous. Laid on the couch, it went away after awhile. Of course both kids were covered head to toe in poop when I got them up, and of course Jaymes had seen fit to paint his room with it. i plopped both kids in the tub, and turned around to wash the poop off my hands (as a result of scrubbing the walls with a way-too-small washcloth). I her laughter, then I hear a plopping sound. Turns out to be a bath towel, both kid's nasty jammies, and both kids outfits for the day going into the tub, courtesy of Sierra. I shouldn't have turned around. I fished everything out of the tub, and schlepped it over to the laundry room-fatal error- then returned to the bathroom. It was a wonderland of bubbles. Bubbles that smelled suspiciously like my husbands favorite (and expensive) shower gel. Sierra had bubbles in her eyes, so I rescued her and gave Jaymes the death glare. He responded by giggling and dumping in the rest of the shower gel. Despite wanting to strangle him, I couldn't help but laugh at his expression.

I still have not been able to bring myself to clean the mess up in the bathroom.

The kids played outside awhile, of course releasing the less than gifted yellow Labrador into the back yard at the same time. Echo immediately took off after the neighbor's contractor who I guess is building a new deck or sunroom. Caught the dog, tied her to the trampoline so she'd stay put. We hung out playing for an hour or so, then came back inside. The kids were hungry, but the only thing in the house at the moment is those frozen pizzas that take a good 15 minutes to cook. The kids love them, so I put one in. Jaymes sat himself at the table and started very quiety drumming his hands on the table top, gradually getting louder and louder. After a little while, the word "eat" started to be chanted. 10 minutes into cooking, both kids were banging the table and chanting "eat." 15 minutes into the cooking, I open the oven. Good deal, pizza is ready. Get it out and start cutting it up and plating it amidst the chanting and banging. Suddenly the ridiculously loud smoke detector goes off, terrifying Sierra, who starts to wail. The dog is equally terrified and proceeds to push her way between my legs and tries to walk around like that. She succeeds only in making me trip and drop the pizza. I had just swept not long before, so the pizza was fine. A little less attractive, but structurally sound. I shove the dog away, take a towel to fan the smoke out, and finally get the smoke detector to stop... But by this time Sierra was apparently traumatized. She needed cuddling, which she got, and then I put their pizza in the freezer to cool down. Both kids took this as a sign of agression and went crazy, Jaymes screaming angrily and Sierra moaning like she's being tortured.

They did eventually get to eat. Now they are in their beds, napping. Thank you, God.

I don't know if it's just PMS, but today it's the little things that are driving me batty. Things Jaymes does often that I HATE, but don't usually make me this stressed out:

Pulling my scrunchie out so i have to go put my hair up all over again
Turning off the "wireless catcher" on my computer by playing with the CD drive
Turning off my computer
Pulling the ESC key off entirely- My 4 month old $900 laptop -stranglestranglestrangle-
Taking the pepperoni out of the fridge at least once every 5 minutes
Opening my box of mac&cheese and dumping it on the floor. Now it has dog hair seasoning.
Taking every cushion off all three couches
Opening up the rat cage and letting my exceedingly pregnant doe wander out

Shall I go on? Thank goodness it's naptime, that's all I have to say right now.

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