Monday, June 30, 2008

A few Youtube videos...

Normally I'd write another long rambling post.. However I'm feeling really dizzy this morning for some reason. Managed to feed the horse, but couldn't clean the stall or do any of my other outdoor chores. Kids are still asleep thankfully, so I can lie here. Wish I had insurance, the whole dizziness and memory loss thing is starting to really make me nervous.

Enough of that... First video is Balto, put to Big N Rich, Live This Life. I chose it because it was the only one of that song NOT super religious. Gorgeous song, reminds me of Jaymes for whatever reason... Listen, you'll like it too.

Next one is this tearjerker... I NEVER cry at things, seriously. I'd love to see this come to US radio stations, it's in Canada right now.

Now, I hate hate hate hate most rap. I'm a country girl. However, this one is awesome too. So give it a chance.

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