Saturday, September 6, 2008

Vaccinate your children.

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So, to all of the bright souls out there so busy looking for something to blame for your child's Autism- VACCINATE YOUR CHILDREN. I don't want my kids to end up sick because morons like you chose not to vaccinate.

Generally I say to each his own, but it really pisses me off knowing that a bunch of rabid anti-vaccine idiots are trying to talk others into not vaccinating. A LOT of mothers will read the anti-vaccine bullshit and they will take it as the truth without looking further. I hope your kids stay healthy, and I hope they are not allowed in my child's school.

As for the doctors and therapists that are telling us (and they have said this to me!) "oh, all you need to do is claim they aren't vaccinated due to religious beliefs." Well, those people should be ashamed. Stupidity upon stupidity. Want to put your own kids at risk? Then by all means, risk their sweet little lives, but don't spout your idiocy at everyone you know.

You can find some of this idiocy here. Because of the mindless anti-vaccine bullshit, I no longer frequent Foggy Rock. It's sad, it's a great site aside from that.


Erin said...

I am curious what you have read or otherwise learned that makes you so confident of your position on vaccination?
Much of what I know about the realities of autism I learned by reading your blog, so understand I'm not trying to be a contrarian, just asking genuinely.
It does seem a shame that you find that site helpful in other ways, but that a difference of opinion might keep you away from that resource. You must feel pretty strongly and I imagine there's a reason for that...

Amber DBTD said...

It really is an excellent site, but the mindless and fanatical anti-vaccine people just rub me the wrong way. They're welcome to their opinion, but it concerns me that on that particular site, there is pretty much nothing but. I'd like to see a give and take- both sides as the TAA site has.

I feel strongly about it because a friend of mine had a child pass away from an illness that could have been prevented by a vaccination. Her stupidity killed her child, and put numerous others at risk.

in the end, I guess all i can say is that no one knows 100% about the vaccine issue, but regardless, I'd rather an Autistic child than a dead one.

Erin said...

I can understand why you'd feel strongly about this issue having had that experience. It is truly a shame that personal agendas, conflicts of interest, and money get in the way of real answers derived from the scientific process. Yes, it's not easy to find all the answers. but it'd be a hell of a lot easier without the aforementioned getting in the way.

Keep up the good work, on the blog and with Jaymes!