Monday, September 29, 2008

Parties and tears

Weirdness all around. Jaymes had been having a bad week, but I gave him some credit because he had a nasty ear infection. He spent a good portion of the week in a ball on the couch, with me feeding him tylenol and popsicles to cool his fever. He's feeling much better now, with the antibiotics killing off his ear infection, and I sure hope this does not mean his tubes are so blocked that he will need them replaced. He's had 4 sets in, a 5th would really be pushing it in my opinion. But, they should have drained the infection, and they did not. Bleh!

We tried the Ritalin with Jaymes for 3 days. Not good. not good at all. But then no one expected it to be, after the way he reacted to the Adderall. I could have predicted this one would be no different, but i trust Dr. Klinepeter, he's one of the very best in the area and talking to him you caan just know that he is doing what he thinks is best for Jaymes.

Sierra's birthday was a good day, despite Jaymes being awful... He spent most of the day screaming, moaning, and hurting himself. Gave himself a nasty black eye and some cuts on his face, hitting it against the shopping cart at Walmart. Jason had him at that point, I generally watch and if Jaymes is hitting himself on something, I hold him or put my hand where he's hitting, but Jason doesn't. I guess he thinks that not stopping it will teach Jaymes something. I can't bash on him for it, my approach doesn't seem to help anything either.

Her party was the next day, Saturday. It was a small party, only one of my friends and her daughter showed up, and family. It was really nice. Jaymes cried and poured bubbles everywhere the whole time though. At one point I tried to put him in his room for a nap, but no luck. My friend is a fairly recent friend, and though she had been warned that jaymes has some issues, she got to see it in person. She took it well. Okm, well maybe I should save my judgement on that one until she calls or I see her again, huh?

Jaymes didn't want cake, oddly enough. Since when does the boy not like sugary goodness? Crazy child! My mom made a beautiful Elmo cake. sierra and Jaymes both looooove Elmo. i guess he is a bit cute, but I've never been a Sesame Street fan, myself. Something about puppets irks me.

Jaymes never did stop crying and fussing, but he licked some icing and we all had a decent day.


Anonymous said...

Have you looked into some biomedical interventions? Tylenol depletes all glutathione and is very bad for kids on the spectrum. Please looked at the TACA website. Have you looked at the DAN! protocol? So many kids like Jaymes improve with special diet, supplements, etc.

Also, the NAA website is informative as is the Age Of Autism blog.

Anonymous said...

Also, some mom's who write blogs on biomedical and are very informative are:

Discovering Nathan, Recovering Ty and Waking Sophie.