Friday, September 26, 2008

A letter to Sierra, on her birthday

Stealing an idea from Kelley, Of Magneto Bold Too! (Link can be found in my sidebar under "of interest")

A letter to my baby girl, on her birthday.

Dear Sierra,

I can't believe you are 2. It seems like you were just born. I remember suffering in the hospital, in labor at 28 weeks, and worrying about you... I was so unhappy and sick and lonely in the hospital room, but when I saw the ultrasound, with you head down trying to burrow out, I was happy.

I guess I won't blame you for the epidural wearing off, but it really was agony. Daddy cried like a girl, and I yelled at him, and then there you were and you were so tiny. We knew you'd have lots of hair, but we didn't know how tiny you would be.

They took you away to the nursery right away, and it was hours until I could see you. I was not very happy. Once I got you back, I didn't let them take you again.

Your hair was so soft, and you smelled so sweet, and it was wonderful.

It's never stopped being wonderful. You are so smart, so cute, and so happy. Everytime someone looks at you, you smile so wide, and you have a reputation as the happiest baby ever.

I can't get over how smart you are, how fast you learn and how outgoing you are. You teach Jaymes things, minutes after you've learned them yourself.

You're beautiful, and perfect, and I know that you'll make us prouder with every year that goes by.

Happy birthday, my sweet princess.

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