Sunday, September 14, 2008

Grandma's house= Bloodshed? HMMM

Who knew that a trip to Grandma's house would result in two bloody children and a mommy with sticky, bloody fingers. No, I didn't snap and try to take them out, don't worry.

Jaymes' day started out oddly.. Not much tantrum really, but just odd changes in things that have never been an issue. He would not, and I mean WOULD NOT get in the shopping cart at Walmart. He always rides in the cart, every trip, every time. Apparently not this time. Jason and I working together could not wrangle him into the cart, so he walked. To his credit, he walked politely until we got to the register, then I just kind of decided to take him to the car and wait for Jason there so as to avoid a fit.

Then there came our trip to Grandma's house. He seemed pretty happy, and we were all relatively relaxed, until Jaymes and Grandma went inside to get some toys. What did they come out with? A book? Nope. A toy? Nope.

Crayons. Yes, crayons. Crayons are the bane of my existance. They drive me insane, because they are such a pain. They get chewed up, their wrappers get peeled off and scattered around the room, they draw on the walls/tables/etc. I hate crayons. Ditto to markers. Hate, hate, hate. Jaymes CANNOT do drawing activities at home. He can do it at therapy, and at school, but at home it's too much.

It began ok. he took a crayon and put it in each crack of my mom's picnic table. He had the whole box lined up, very organized and pretty. Unfortunately, it was time to clean up, and Jaymes was not into it. He went ballistic when we packed up the crayons into the box and put them away. My mom went to the chalkboard and tried to get Jaymes to color with that instead, but he decided to throw himself to the hard hard ground and smack his face repeatedly on it. When he got up, his nose was just gushing blood. It was really gruesome. I'm pretty good around blood, but that kind of made me sick. Too much blood. He was screaming, and each breath inward was followed by a forceful nose blowing outward- splattering more and more blood. Eww.

Those kinds of things really freak me out... When he -really- hurts himself enough to bleed badly, or to have that huge lump on his head he got from jumping off the deck... It seems to be the behaviors are escalating, though he is getting SO much smarter. He knows his colors, some shapes, most letters, some numbers... He's so so smart. Why is it that as he learns more and gains more skills, he seems to deteriorate behaviorally?

Anyway, not a horrible day... I'm dead tired though, and have been fighting horrrrrrrrrible headaches for days now. Bleh.


Anonymous said...

wow!poor gal:(

Pasifik said...

What a busy day....! phew....

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