Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Um. Oops?

Bad mommy. Very bad mommy. I missed Jaymes' bus this afternoon, and he went on a little adventure. Bad, bad mommy. Then I lied about it to save face... -shame-

He's been sick for awhile, and I guess I forgot that I need to leave home at 3:15, NOT 3:30. Got down there and my neighbor was getting her kids from their bus. Our bus usually comes right before theirs (and it did). She was like "You missed Jaymes." I was like...

Fuck. Bad, bad, bad mommy.

At this point I was panicking. When one forgets their child on the bus, where does one's child end up? I tried calling the school, but the line was busy. Over and over and over. Then I got a voicemail, without the phone ever ringing. It was the school secretary, with a very cold, shame on you kind of voice:

"You were not there to pick Jaymes up from the bus, so he will be taken to East Forsyth High School and you may pick him up there."

First thing... Why didn't the damned phone ring?
Second... Where the hell is East Forsyth High School?
Third... Why the hell didn't the bus driver call me, like she does for the other kids who get off on his stop?
Fourth... The mother of the other kids on that stop and I had worked it out with the bus driver and each other, that if one of us wasn't there, the other would take the kids. Did she take him? Nope.

So I called the school again, finally got through and got directions to the high school. It was quite the drive. As I walked in, the students seemed to think I was one of them, with the males making stupid sounds and the females giving me weird looks (probably because I look 12 and was carrying a 2 year old?).

Anyway. got in the office and they said Jaymes wasn't there yet, and to hang out a bit. When he did arrive, he looked thrilled with his grand adventure. To my credit, I was not the only negligent mother, another little boy had also been forgotten. At least I was there to rescue my spawnling when he came in, right?

I feel so bad, even though he thought it was cool. They must all think I'm such a moron now.

Oh, and the kicker... Yeah, I lied about why i missed Jaymes. i missed him because I forgot what time the bus came. I told them that Sierra locked me out of the house and I had to valiently break in to rescue her and thus missed The Boy.

I suck.


Erin said...

If this is your worst crime as a mother, you're more of a saint than I thought already.
And also to your credit, you've got a lot more to remember and keep track of than even the average mother of a toddler and pre-schooler!

Jo said...

I've done worse, I promise. And now at least you had a good story to post!

Kristine said...

Oh dear, I can see myself doing that. I'm actually glad Noah doesn't take the bus home for exactly that reason. I can get him on the bus ok in the morning because we are so regimented in the mornings, the rest of the day...not so much.

Don't beat yourself up too much. Glad everything turned out ok!