Sunday, September 14, 2008

I worked. Hooray.

Actually, I really enjoy it and wish I could do what I did yesterday all the time.

My mom is an Instructor/Evaluator for the Delta Society Pet Partners program, which is basically an organization that trains people and their pets to work together as a therapy team. They visit nursing homes, schools, psych hospitals, and generally make people's lives more enjoyable. I've been in it since I was 12, although I really have not had time to do any therapy visits myself in years. I prefer the other side of it- helping with the evaluations and behind the scenes stuff. my people skills are really not up to the task of visiting older folks in the nursing home. I am eventually going to get Buddy the horse tested and certified, so that I can do some sort of program for kids with autism here at our home. Not riding, because that's against the Delta rules (and would void that awesome million dollar insurance policy that comes with all Delta certification) but interaction and fun. We're saving up towards that goal, it costs to get the certification and the special vet check... So it's on hold until we have enough.

ANYWAY. Yesterday was an evaluation day. most of the people coming to be tested were people I had met at the practice test session I did a month or 2 ago. Lots of great people and dogs, and of course they all passed the test. There were a ton of Golden Retrievers. They're beautiful, but their hair gets to me.

It was a very long, hot, tiring day... But it was the first child-free day i have had in a very very long time, and it was a nice change of pace. The pay isn't too terrible either.

Jason was all irritable at me when I got home because I was gone all day... Apparently the fact that he cleaned the house meant I needed to fawn over how wonderful he was... i appreciate him cleaning, but basically yesterday was a role reversal- I worked, he did my stuff. Except that i normally do a lot more than he did.

I normally clean, play with kids, bathe kids, feed kids, deal with phone calls to jaymes case worker/medicaid/transportation/therapies/doctors, arrange the home health care diapers thing, feed the pets, medicate the pets, clean the pasture of poops, etc...

I WISH all I had to do was clean the house. I could kill myself trying, but it would never been good enough or ever equal to his day of work. Bleh.

He did a very good job of cleaning though, I was impressed.

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