Thursday, September 11, 2008

Did I ever mention how much I despise Thursdays?

Well I do. Today more so than usual.

Jaymes did pretty well in OT, except for the very end. He did a good job snipping paper with scissors himself, named some colors, strung some beads, and went in the swing. He did more, but in my frazzled state of mind currently, I cannot remember what else. By the very end of OT, Jaymes was trying to throw himself over chairs and hitting the table.

Speech was pretty good too, he did a puzzle, some flashcard things where he had to try and name verbs (none of which he seems able to do, but he did label some items on the cards), a farm puzzle thing that has the worst southern redneck hick voice singing Old MacDonald... The only bad moment was when we tried to take away his fruit snack pouch (he'd been clutching it the entire time) and he went ballistic- Redfaced screaming, slamming him hands and arms into the table, biting himself, and trying to throw himself out of his chair. Needless to say, neither I nor the therapist argued, and we gave it back.

PT was not so good. I chalk this up to a few things.

  • It's the 3rd therapy session in a row
  • It's later in the day
  • April doesn't take any crap. Period.
Most of the session was spent in the little therapy room in the back, with Jaymes screaming insanely. His face was bright red, oozing from eyes/nose/mouth, and making gremlin noises. I say it like it's funny, and in a way it is, but in a way it's not. It's very hard for me to watch Jaymes like that. April had to hold him, because he was trying to hurt himself. He was biting, kicking, hitting, and headslamming with everything he had, and it lasted probably... thirty minutes? Something like that. It was not pretty. He finally calmed down, so she took him out on the tricycle to see the fishies down the hall. We made it less than halfway there before Jaymes lost it again and started trying to smash his face against the metal bar in the front of the tricycle. We had to get him off the bike, then she took him for a walk down the stairs and underneath the main building where Wake forest University seems to keep their spare junk. It calmed him down pretty well, and I like the walk too. He had another fit when we got back up, but it wasn't that bad.

We went out to wait for the van service to pick us up and take us home, as they always do. They get us at home at noon, and bring us back at 4:10. Jason's got the car for work, so this is the only way to get the boy to therapy. Sierra was with a babysitter who needed her gone by 4:30 because of some kind of sports practice thing... 4:10 comes... Goes.... Keeps going...

At this point I realized several things. I realized that I forgot to bring the babysitter's phone number with me. I realized that she probably did not have my number either. I realized that the goddamn van was not coming. I realized that I did not have THEIR number either.

Tried 411, but the van service is unlisted for some reason. Tried my mom. She was teaching a class. Tried my friend up the road. No answer. Tried my other friend, Melissa. No answer.

Went back up to the therapy room to see if they had any ideas.

Now, at this point, I feel I need to describe my state of mind. I had been at this place with Jaymes for almost 5 hours. Jaymes had had bad therapy sessions. jaymes had beaten himself against the floor of the parking deck whilst we waited. Jaymes was still screaming and throwing himself down. I was panicked over the babysitter situation, how pissed off she'd be at me, how I'd get Sierra, how I'd get home. What must the sitter be thinking? Would she ever sit again? Probably not. Now I look like a moron.

So, as I went into the therapy area, I started crying like an idiot. Managed to stop and keep it together, then Jaymes started screaming again. I growled at him and burst into tears again, feeling rather foolish. The receptionist tried to look up the number to the van jerks, but no luck. Finally, she offered to drive me home if i could not figure something out.

At this point, I was about to jump off the roof if I could find an exit. Then my phone rang -yay- and it was Melissa. I asked her to go to the babysitters, tell her the situation, and give her my number. She called shortly after, saying that practice was cancelled, and what time could I come get Si-Si. Melissa came and picked us up and we got Sierra and came home... It was 7pm at that point. I am friggin TIRED, and stressed out, and miserable. What a horrible day, how stupid I must have looked.. bleh.

Stupid van service. Stupid,stupid, stupid.

Now, in order to not be entirely bitter, angry, and pessismistic, I will copy Squid's way of thinking and say the following:

Jaymes did a great job in speech and OT. Jaymes was super patient considering he was stuck out at a boring therapy place for 6 hours. Jaymes could have been worse, and I am blessed to have a kid who really tried his hardest to keep it together. I'm lucky to have a friend who would come save me, and lucky to have such a kind receptionist there who would have taken me home. I am lucky that the practice was cancelled, and that Sheri is such an understanding person.

Wow, I am both lucky, and hideously unlucky. Interesting.

Oh, and Here2There Van Service... You SUCK.

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