Friday, September 26, 2008

Part 3

Ok, part 3. We had to go to the football game where my mom was getting her award (Ithaca College Sports Hall of Fame), and Jaymes was hysterical the whole time. Then he got to go in the bounce house, and all was well. he had a blast, it was free...

Then they closed it down at half time. Not good. It was ugly.We watched mom get her award and ran. After that, we headed off to Stewart park, and on the way got ice cream. The kids got rainbow sherbet, I got an apple cobbler sundae. MMMMM. Hot apple cobbler on top of vanilla ice cream with caramel. At the park, Jaymes and Sierra chased the seagulls, and they rode the carousel I rode as a kid. It was really neat.

Later on, Jaymes, Denise and I went on a hike at Cascadilla Creek. It's about 3 miles walking along waterfalls, mostly steep stairs. Jaymes managed it very well. On the way down, he went swimming in the icy water. He didn't mean to, he tripped, and the bystanders thought i was just horrible. He enjoyed it though.

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