Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Did YOU know it was wednesday?

Because I had no clue. Sometimes I wonder about myself. I could have sworn it was Tuesday. Jason just gave me this look like I'm some kind of alien, made a comment about stay and home moms and the days of the week, and wandered off.

Anyway. Tomorrow is the big day, and I'm so not ready. We have therapy all day, get home, and then we leave for NY! It's going to be exhausting. I'm exhausted already. I hope I can do it, I have never driven through the night before. Bleh.

It'll be worth it, anyway.

Today I have a meeting the the Exceptional Children's Dept. person, who I will be able to air my school related grievances to. Let's hope for some progress, some change.


colorisnteverything said...

Good luck, squishy! With everything, I may add.

I forgot it was wednesday, BTW. I leave for school in England on Friday and can't believe I am already at Wednesday.

You were probably too busy with things to notice.

Amber DBTD said...

Wow, have a great time in England! I've always wanted to go there for a visit.

The thing with the school person went well. There -may- be some hope for change. I'm very happy.

fadetopurple said...

Hell, even when I was employed full-time I lost track of what day it was.

Glad to hear about the successful meeting.

Anonymous said...

Good luck Squishy!