Monday, September 15, 2008

The things that creep up on you...

Have you ever suddenly noticed something about someone, that you should have known, and yet didn't? It's a little embarrassing to admit how ignorant we can be sometimes.

Did you know Jaymes can name a bunch of colors? No? Neither did I, until last week. Freaky, huh? Did you know that he can get himself on the bus without me, and get into the right seat? I guess he is growing up. He gets offended if I insist upon boarding the bus with him to put him in his seat. The other day I tried to do this, and he shoved me off the bus with the dirtiest look you've ever seen.

It's just so odd, how in the midst of so much craziness, you can miss the truly wonderful things, and yet see every bad detail. I suspect this means I'm a horrible pessimist, and I do hope that my pessimistic side is not hindering Jaymes.

A few days ago I tossed a pile of gummies on Jaymes' plate, and he went one by one, telling me their colors before he ate them. He'd hold up a red one, stare at me a second, and say "Wed." The a blue. "Bloooooooo". Then an orange "awnge" and a white "wiiiiiiiiite" and a purple (incorrectly named, btw)"gwaaaay". Then of course, yellow or "yemmoe".

He's so smart. We have been told that there is another school option for Jaymes, which may or may not have a class that is strictly autism. he is currently being mainstreamed in the regular Pre-K and they're just failing him. I'm not saying they aren't trying, but they are failing regardless. I'm going to look into this other school. If we had a really good school program in the equation along with structure at home and therapy with the 3 best therapists we've ever had (much love to Shawna, April, and Rebecca because they really are incredible)... Things would be so much better. Jaymes just needs help to really blossom into what he could be. He's so so intelligent.

Today was Sierra's early intervention "meet and greet" where they explained the program and stuff... obviously I know how EI works, we did the 3 years with Spawnlet and it was pretty good. She does not think Sierra will qualify, which is good. Her evaluation is in 2 weeks. I know she is most likely completely normal, maybe even a little ahead of her age group, but considering Jaymes' issues, I just want to be sure.

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Jo said...

Awww! That is amazing. Sometimes we get so caught up in the day to day survival stuff, the little things to celebrate get overlooked.
Good luck with the evaluation, I can see why you are so concerned.