Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I Love New york, Part II

Sorry I did not get to this yesterday, we've had much illness amongst the spawnlets. Ok, maybe not -much- but Jaymes has been pretty pathetic for the past couple days. He had a weird moment on day one of our trip, after having a dose of his Risperdal, which I now suspect to be related to him starting to get sick. He got so floppy and drowsy, and it lasted all day. Scary. After his nap I tried to wake him and couldn't, even sitting straight up he was asleep. Finally got him back to himself, but it was kind of unnerving. No more Risperdal for now. I also felt awful once we got home, a combination of driving all night and my usual post trip stress. Took me until today to feel better, and not entirely so.

Jaymes' poor pitiful sick self, sleeping on the couch burning with fever, taken about 5 minutes ago:

Anyway, back to the story. Day 2, started out with us hanging out with the horses and the deer for the morning. Jaymes had another meltdown, wanting to go into the yearling's pasture and visit with them. As I prefer my children alive and unharmed, I did not allow this. Instead we went and checked out Monster and a mare named Gravy Train (yes, those TB folks give racehorses horrrrrrible names!). Jaymes also loved the deer. Her name is Peanut. By the end of the trip, she finally let me touch her.

Jaymes and Monster

Monster, 22 year old APHA

Gravy Train, old TB mare

Pretty TB yearling

Peanut the deer

After that, we spent a little time in the house, with the terrifying sprial staircase of imminent death:

Followed by photo taking of everyone:



Doug, as previously said, has cancer that's pretty advanced, from what I understand. Stage 4 I think is what he said.... It really scares me to think this may have been the last time I saw him. I hope not. He's awesome, he's hilarious, and the thought of not seeing him again, or joking with him... Well it's really frightening.

On to less morbid thoughts... Denise had a cool dog named Newt that Sierra loved. He had awesome floppy ears and endless energy. Echo would have loved him.

Jason and Sierra on the deck:

The View:

Here is Jaymes doing the obsessive thing he picked up there- he HAD to walk this pasture's perimeter everytime we went outside, and it was a long damn walk.

And Sierra demanding juice:

Jaymes and us and the yearlings being silly:

The rest will come later today or tomorrow. Too time consuming for one post!


immbas said...

You should read the book 'Mad in America" which gives a good layperson's understanding of antipsychiatric drugs. Good Luck.

Tara Nicole said...

I WANT MONSTER!!!!! Perty Baby! LOL!

Good Drug Site:

Use my school pass to get in:
ALL in lower case

Name: galened
Pass: lexicomp

Enjoy my Amberkins Pet Pet!

And Stage 4 IS terminal...