Friday, November 21, 2008

Snow day!

Well who knew it would snow so early in the year! It's very, very light. So light in fact, that at 6:00am it was starting to melt off. So imagine my surprise when I discover the school bus is not coming! Seriously, the snow was so light you could still see the grass underneath. It would seem that the school system is tossed into total chaos if there is a flake of snow in sight.

If we had TV, it might have been less of a drag...I got up in the cold early-ness for nothing because I did not know about the delay thing. I heard it on the radio later, of course. Jaymes thought it was pretty darn awesome. he came inside, got a cup of Alpha-Bits cereal, and plopped on the couch (my bed!). Wrapped himself in my blanket and his, with his ten foot long stuffed snake, and demanded (in no uncertain terms) to watch Elmo.

And so here we sit, The Boy buried in blankets and Snakie, watching Elmo in Grouchland. He is in heaven. Stinkin' boy.

In other bus related news, I forgot to mention that on Wednesday, they LOST him. The bus broke down, so they moved all the little kids to another bus (223) who had stopped to help our bus (777). When the replacement bus had arrived, the kids were put on it, and (223) headed off to wait for the high school kids to get out in an hour or so. As the bus driver was leaving her parked bus, she heard a little voice say something... Guess who it was? Yeah. So she freaked out, not knowing who he was, and called the driver of 777. Then they ID'd Jaymes and 223 headed out to the bus stop to deliver him to me, but not before the 'new' 777 arrived and I was all "WTF where's my kid?" The driver of 777 talked too fast and was in a hurry and kinda left me hanging with "He's on another bus on his way as we speak."

Uh. Ok.

So I waited another 15 mins. A little panicked. Not nearly so much as i would have been if I had known what had happened though. When 223 arrived, she had only Jaymes so she had time to tell me the whole story and I was like.. Geeze.

Apparently the excuse for this is that Jaymes is tiny and quiet and was crouching down. But he was sitting behind the driver! And anyway, Jaymes is rather memorable, isn't he? And why didn't the other kids from his stop say "Jaymes isn't here, where's Jaymes?!"

Thank god he spoke up and didn't get left ALONE in a HIGH SCHOOL PARKING LOT.

Why do these weird things happen to us? Poor Jaymseypuff.

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