Friday, November 7, 2008

If my head weren't firmly attached...

I'd lose it.

In writing that last blog entry, I forgot my point. Yesterday's therapy sessions would have had us leaving home at 1:15 and leaving the therapy place around 4:00. But, because the van service thing fell through, Jason had to drop us off then come back at 6:15. We sat and sat and sat and sat. Jaymes was incredibly good, with the exception of trying to turn the lights off repeatedly. He was so patient, played the the other kids and the toys, and snacked on the various crunchy stuff I brought with me. Sierra was great too. I have amazing kids.

Toward the end of our long wait, I took this video of The Boy doing what he does best- wreaking havoc with chairs. Hooray Jaymes. I was too tired to argue with him, and there were only 2 people there anyway!

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