Thursday, November 6, 2008

IEP is over... Yay!

I am SO happy with how the IEP went. Seriously, this is the first one that wasn't painfully awkward, strained, and confrontational. My ideas were taken seriously, my goals incorporated into little man's IEP, and things were explained very clearly. Both his OT and ST were there, and I love them both- they are excellent. So much better than the ones in the old school.

I'll go into more detail later, but I really couldn't be happier. Even the ABA mention didn't upset anyone- they actually are looking into a DTT(Discrete trial training) software for Jaymes to use in
the classroom.

What a wonderful experience, and an awesome team. Yay for good IEP's.

More detailed info later! I do not have my copy yet, so I can't post the goals up just yet.


FieldingHurst said...


Not trying to be a downer, but make sure your concerns, etc. actually make it into the IEP. Sometimes, some systems, will go along, but only their idea make it into the IEP. You can even watch the person that takes the notes in some meetings and see that when the parent is talking, no notes are being typed.

Not saying this is your case, just watch for it.

Amber DBTD said...

I watched them make the changes, but in the case that did happen, I would just demand another meeting and get it fixed. I don't see this group doing that though. Jaymes old school, yes, they were sneaky like that!