Tuesday, November 11, 2008

All time funniest search terms...

My stat counter tells me what words people search for, that land them here on the blog... Here are some gems I found today:

  • Pet vaccination bullshit
  • Chicken kachatori
  • Bong store in Ithaca, NY
  • Did you vaccinate my toddler
  • preschoolers don't bite social story
  • What kind of dog does Dr. Laura have
  • Murder occupational therapist
Excuse me while I roll around on the dog hair covered floor cracking up. Sorry folks! No bong store info, no free chicken, i did not vaccinate your toddler, Dr. Laura's dog doesn't interest me, and I like our occupational therapist and have no plans to murder her.


1 comment:

rainbowmummy said...

Oh if I could find out all this info on my blog I would be so hooked, how do you et anything done??!

LMAO at your responses to the serches!