Wednesday, November 5, 2008


This image, so sweetly hot-linked from Kelley's blog, applies to this blog. I will not waste my time, and my readers time by making silly fluff posts about nothing, that I really didn't feel like writing. So NaBloMo, not so much. Whether you get 2 posts in the week, or 25 posts in the week is up to my evil little muse. NahBloMe!


Kelley said...


I love me a posse!

You go girl, cause there is some absolutely craptacular stuff being posted in the name of posting every day.


Kelley said...

YAY! You rock!

And we will rock the NahBloMe together babe!


Amber DBTD said...

Either I rock, or I'm a revolting kissass. We shall see. Maybe if I kiss up enough you'll fly here and plan/bake/decorate for Jaymes' birthday in December!