Friday, November 14, 2008

A mixed bag

Well... Life's a mixed bag, a lot like the Halloween candy we stole from our kids diligently collected stash in those cute little pumpkin baskets. Some days are awesome, like Twix bars. Some days suck, like Tootsie rolls. Ok, I'll spare you the really poorly done similies here. Some days are great, some suck. 'Nuff said.

Yesterday Jaymes and Sierra and I went to the Children's Museum. Jaymes did very well. He played with the trains for about an hour, while Sierra played in the sand box. Then we all went to the baby/toddler area. Jaymes made the transition without screams or crying, and settled into bulding a long line of those snap together bead things. Sierra was her usual well behaved little self. It was a good visit to the museum, for sure, until the end. I set the timer and told Jaymes that he had 5 minutes. When it went off, I reminded him it was time to go because the timer went off. He threw himself down, so I carried him out to the main area. Had to put him down to get his coat on, and he made a huge loud scene in front of the staff, but they're getting to know us and there really wasn't anyone else there anyway. I was proud of him.

He also had an ENT visit to check his ear tubes and evaluate the severe ear infections(one in each ear, yum!) that have been plaguing him for a month now. We had to wait a long time, and the other kids weren't letting Jaymes play with toys, so he had a meltdown and had to be held on my lap to avoid him hurting himself. By this time I had explained why Jaymes was having a fit to the nice people who asked if we were ok... Then this old man comes in, and starts in on me.

"Well young man, those tantrums won't get you anything."
"In my day, children got a spanking for behaving that way."
"Tantrums like THAT just were not tolerated in my day."

I was too furious to speak, but amazingly, the nice couple across the row did. They told him that Jaymes was NOT having a tantrum, that he is autistic and he doesn't feel well. the nurse called us back, which is good because I was getting mad enough to make a scene. The nurse felt terrible about that guys behavior so she gave lollipops and stickers to my two little spawnlets. The doctor is wonderful and understands Jaymes and respects Jaymes' limits... Said the tubes look good and we'll try a new antibiotic to kill off this infection. New ear drops too.

Today was not as good as yesterday. Had to take Sierra to her appointment this morning, which you can read about on her blog, here. Jaymes got home about an hour after I did, and we watched Elmo for a bit. Then we played with the awesome new swing our wonderful caseworker got for Jaymes. Here is the video, see how happy, calm, and focused he is?

When we were done, I put away the swing and got the kids ready for a bath. Jaymes went ballistic, probably one of the most angry, violent meltdowns I have ever seen him have. He was hitting and kicking the floor so hard his arms were turning red. He ripped off his diaper and ripped at it with his teeth, thrashed around, screamed, and beat his head against the wall.

I have a lot of stuff I need to do... I have to do the paperwork for Sierra and Jaymes Medicaid, it's re-enrollment time. I have to finish up the food stamps thing. I have to organize the bills. I have to send proof of income to all of the above, plus to the agency the caseworker got the swing from. I have to have the house clean every day.

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~Michelle~ said...

I dont know how you do it. I really have SO much awe and respect for you. My son has tantrums, but I'm sure they're nothing compared to Jaymes' tantrums. And I'm so sorry to hear about his violent behavior - that must just be awful for you. I hope the Dr. can give you some answers and advice!