Sunday, November 9, 2008

Autumn Photo Shoot

I love the fall. I love the leaves, the colors, the cool air. I love the smell of falling leaves and damp earth, and that holiday feeling in the air. I love the bright, quiet comfort that is the woods this time of year.

We went out Saturday to the playground at Fourth of July Park, and it was just soooo beautiful. Got some really nice pictures of the kids playing!

Here is the path that leads up to the playground, isn't it just gorgeous?!

Jaymes liked the stream underneath the bridge...

But Sierra couldn't get to the playground fast enough!

Sierra went on the swings...

And whacked distracted mommy. I did not drop my prized digital camera, however. Go me!

Jaymes loved the slides

Si-Si kept watch from above, to be sure mommy did not wander off

Jaymes wore his mystical sun goggles in this photo!

I just love this pic..She's concentrating so hard on climbing that rock wall!

Jaymes was fast!

Having a blast...

What a smile!

And a rare, seldom done, photo of mommy with the spawnlets!


~Michelle~ said...

They look like they had so much fun and those fall colors are so beautiful!!

Laura in L.A. said...

Amber, both your kids are just beautiful, and what a great day they were having at the park! Thanks for sharing--I always love to see the pics!