Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Food for thought...

I read the comment below on the Fugly Forum, posted by member Habanero in regards to a thread about kids getting lost. She said it so eloquently, and it applies to so mjch more than lost kids... It pretty much sums up how I feel about my little Jaymes, about why I feel like my soul has been crushed when people make fun of him, about the terror I feel when something is wrong... Interestingly, her post could also be applied to the feeling we as autism parents had upon the diagnosis of our kids.

"Don't remember where I initally heard this, but it's so true... "Having a child is like giving your heart legs and allowing it to walk around outside of your body". That's exactly right. It's terrifying to love something so much, to have such raw emotions, every pain and anguish of theirs is visited upon you tenfold... there no way to explain the hurt that YOU feel when others are cruel to your child. There's no way to explain the panic, the fear, when you can't find them. Anyone whose child has been deathly sick or seriously injured will struggle to explain that absolutely crushed feeling, like a panic attack mixed with your most intense grief mixed with the greatest fear you have ever known TIMES ONE HUNDRED... no word for that emotion exists."

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