Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Due to Jason always having the car for work, we've been having to use a van service provided by Jaymes Medicaid office to get him to his appointments. It's a pain, they're never on time and sometimes they just don't show up, or they forget to come back and pick us up. Either way, it was a pain, but it got Jaymes where he needed to be.

Now suddenly, they've decided (they being Medicaid, not the van service) that only Jaymes and I are allowed. And for Sierra appointments, only me and her.

-If you realllly want to read my uncensored, foulmouthed hate spewing anger, highlight the almost invisible text below. I made it this way so it wouldn't bother anyone who did not wish to be exposed to a full fledged Squishy meltdown-

What the fuck is wrong with this picture? Yeah, I'll leave my 2 fucking year old TODDLER home alone since clearly one other child in the vehicle would be the end of the world. And for Sierra'
s appointments, yes, lets leave my AUTISTIC 4 year old home alone. Maybe he'll burn the fucking house down and you won't have to pay for any more goddamned appointments. They have always let me take both kids. The people who utilize this service have to be screened, so we QUALIFY. They also tend to not have a lot of money. So apparently, if you have one kid, you're set. More than one? Fuck you. Leave it at home.

Then the lady hung up on me (and no, I did not curse at her, I was very polite), which is just another big FUCK YOU. Who cares that you have a child whose future is fucking DEPENDENT on those appointments? Who give a shit that you can't get your kid to his therapy sessions?

I wish i could sit on my fat ass making idiotic decisions about other peoples children and rake in the bucks and the fucking health benefits. This just disgusts me.

-end cursing and ranting-

I'm so mad I'm shaking. If it were a free service that anyone could have, I'd be like, ok, need to follow their rules etc. But we had to fill out a ton of paperwork for this, they KNEW I had to bring both kids and told me it was fine. I've been nice through all their mistakes, and she hangs up on ME? Idiots.

So my only thought is to make Jaymes' appts so late that Jason will have to be home to pick us up and take us. I don't know what else to do. I can borrow my mom's car some of the time, but I can't afford to put gas in her car and ours...

It's like... everything is going fine, and you're past a hard stretch, and then some asshole at Social Services has to mess it all up again. If she'd have just been pleasant about it and explained why things suddently changed and offered up some sort of solution or idea, I'd have been upset, but ok. But no, she talked down to me, rudely, and fucking HUNG UP on me. Who the hell does that? that's beyond unprofessional.

I need to just stop now... i'm so mad I'm just rambling on and on and on and on.


luvmycrazyboy said...

wow. they suck.

colorisnteverything said...

And this is why America is so screwed up right now. You can't get childcare, but you also can't take your kid with you now, too? HUH?!

I am sorry squish.

This just says why we need public transport more than ever in America. I swear I will have a fit when I go home to a city of relatively the same size as my own and STILL can't get anywhere because their is no transportation.