Friday, November 7, 2008

An awesome post on other blogs...

I just read this over at Kelley's blog. Sad, happy, funny, and beautiful. She really has a way with words. On her blog, I find she rarely discusses Autism, or her son's therapy. I admire the way she has been able to avoid having her life turned into this one big thig: Autism. It seems to come up for me constantly, I can't let it go and forget about it... It's in my mind all the time, the good and the bad, and it seems to be the foremost thought in my head at all times. Don't know why, just is.

Anyway, I very highly recommend her blog to anyone who likes to laugh, hear about explosive diarrhea, see some incredible birthday cakes, and get to know a truly fabulous woman and her family.

This post, on Squid's blog, also touched me. The video is incredible to me, because Leelo is so much like Jaymes, in the little quirks, the way they move, the hesitations before speaking... He just really reminds me of my little guy. I love the toy in the video, too, but it's $209.00 and I just cannot see that happening anytime in the near future. I think Jaymes would wet himself with joy if we ever do get him one though!

This story, on Age of Autism, will really get you thinking even if you don't agree with the general point, and you will come away with a slightly different take on how these parents are feeling and how they are treated by physicians. Despite disagreeing with a huge majority of what is posted on AOA, I find it is an interesting read every day, and an excellent source of information. It's great to be educated on both sides of the Autism treatment rift, and it's a good way to pass nap time!

Happy reading!

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Kelley said...

Oh babe, you have no idea. My life is ruled by Autism. I guess I just want people to see us as more than that. That we are just like everyone else, albeit freaking awesome.

Right now I am functioning on 2 hours of broken sleep, with Boo sitting at my feet with his Elmo Live toy that he earned for leaving the door alone.

And remember that Boo is 10. I could not speak a sentence without something about Autism or therapy in it till he was over 7 or 8.

Oh and I just checked out that toy on Squid's blog. OMG! I totally made something like that for Boo when he was 6! You can too! Boo's fav bits were bubble wrap, carpet and teddy bear material (from the craft store)