Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Peace and quiet

Jaymes went off to school at 7am, he seemed ok with the bus. They did not put in his harness setup though, so he is "loose" in the seat. Either he'll be perfect and stare out the window, or he'll be all over the bus and I'll hear about it tonight. Not my fault, the darn harness is written into the IEP. They need to use it.

"He doesn't need that, the child restraint law does not apply to busses"
"Busses don't get in accidents, he'll be fine"

I don't care what the law says- that only means that the district is exempt from ticketing for not having kids restrained, not that when there is an accident, the law will save my child from being killed because he is not restrained and weighs 32 pounds.

Busses do get in accidents. The majority of the bus drivers in our area havve very little certification and very little education, and it shows when they make remarks like that.

Anyway, I need to go feed the horse and clean up a bit before Sierra wakes up. Least it'll be a peaceful one child kind of day.

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